WIP Wednesday 

It’s only Wednesday morning yet here I am. Truth is work is a bit slow, so I’m playing on my phone. 

Some progress this week on both my pieces. Still not liking the round robin, but got the over one stitches started. 

On the other hand, love the Mill Hill kit (Believe, #14-1304) to pieces. I leave it at work during the week so it can’t take over the robin spot at home. 

What are you up to?

January Smalls SAL check-in

Yay! Another year of Stitch Porn kindly managed by Heather over at Stitching Lotus. To find out more about this low pressure, highly enabling SAL, click on the link button on the right. 

I have a few contributions this month. Partially as I wanted some earnings for Stitch From Stash but also from my choices for other SAL that occur in various groups. 

For the Stitch MAYnia 12 Days I choose to finish the first three of her Chalkboard Christmas ornaments. Be Jolly was finished in December so I haven’t shown it here, but it’s in previous posts. 

For the Magazine SAL that is hosted by Heather Stitches, I stitched a version of Country Cottage Needleworks Merry & Bright from JCS Christmas 2010 edition. 

And lastly, for both the Stitch MAYnia and SFS colour SAL, I stitched a variation of Jenny’s Flowering Poinsettia as sold in her etsy shop, homeđź’™stitchđź’™ness.

I’m really happy with what I achieved! And happily, with two days to go, I’m still in the black for SFS!!

WIP eh..Thursday. Yay, it’s Thursday!

So far, so good. I am swimming along at work (have counted to 10 a few times, but yesterday didn’t hit my self-imposed swear limit, so getting better) and at home. Great amusement is had by the adults of the house, removing critical pieces of the children’s equipment like laptops they try to hide at night…I am also upping the “mean mum” stakes in expecting the boys to monitor their own cell data useage – they do not have the password to the WiFi! Oh, this is fun!

On the stitching side, I am hitting my goals and then some. For the first week of the year, the StitchMaynia 12 Days of Christmas SAL continued, so I worked on the Hands On Design chalkboard Christmas, completing the first trilogy with Be Merry & Believe:

This week is my Magazine SAL week, as hosted by Heather Stitches on Facebook (that link is to her blog, BTW). Because the 12 Days SAL finished on the sixth, I started this piece a bit early, but I have a finish. This is Country Cottage Needlework‘s  Merry & Bright from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament 2010 issue (as I brought myself the DVD via 123 Stitch in December, I’m planning an ornie for each of this SAL’s entries). I’m planning on a cube finish with present buttons added:


I did not use the threads recommended (Stitch From Stash, people!). If you want to copy, I did this 2 over 1 on 25ct ivory Lugana with the following DMC changes:

  • the circle is 3364
  • @ is 347
  • the square is 434
  • the dot is Kreinik 032
  • and the half circle is 895

And as that took me only 3 days, I pulled out one of my existing WIPS, Arezzo. All that 1 over 1! Add on Nora’s doctor’s scrawl of a chart, and it can be heavy going. I find it takes me a few moments to adjust even tho I have blown the chart up and use a high-lighter. I have frogged the error that caused me to put her away and made a lot of progress over about 4 hours. I don’t know the original stitcher of this version but she did a beautiful job. Me? I’m plodding along:

And at work, my focus is to finish the stitching part of the second variation of Mill Hill Fireflies. I’ve sorted out the blue thread, and expect to have this ready to bead for Saturday:



What I Did On My Summer Vacation

So..the family went away. The kids & Grandma flew to Invercargill on the Sunday, then (as regular readers will know) Si & I went the following Wednesday.

I’ve tried to select some different shots from what I posted on IG, and they should have captions. If you want to know more about a place/time, let me know in the comments.


On New Year’s Day, Si & I then drove the Toy Car back up, along the West Coast, catching the ferry at Picton, spending time in Wellington then back home.

April Smalls SAL

This SAL is a free choice SAL hosted by Heather over at Stitching Lotus. You can click on the button in my sidebar and it’ll take you there.

I didn’t have a Small for March & tho I said at the time this didn’t bother me, it turns out that it did. So I made sure that I had a finish for this month, even tho it meant I sat down for 2+ hours on Tuesday, watching end-to-end flosstube to get it done. I definitely didn’t like stitching on this dark fabric, so much so that last night I went and brought a new floor lamp. Yay for teenagers who like to assemble things! I’ll be able to work on Persephone while in the lounge with the rest of the fam this winter. Bonus.

This month’s Small is Plenty, by Hands On Design. Their Year in Chalk was really big last year (deservedly so, bang on trend & cute too) but this one is from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Issue. Yes, I changed it up a little. I do this a lot. The recommended fabric was 30ct gunmetal linen from Weeks Dye Works; I used a 26ct navy Elixar from my stash, and I omitted the top antler. IMO it looked weird with 3 antlers.

If you want to check out more by Cathy, she blogs HERE

Plenty – Hands On Design
Gentle Arts DMC
Sampler 0180 772
Simply Shaker 7052 304
Simply Shaker 7054 3865
Simply Shaker 7085 841

the very last Smalls SAL 2015 (well, it should be)

As part of my computer ban I didn’t post anything to the blog over the holiday period. Now I’m back at work so here we go. Thanks Heather for hosting this SAL. 2016 details can be found on her blog by clicking into the icon on the right of my blog or HERE

I chose to stitch home*stitch*ness’ freebies in December. Stupidly, I still haven’t made them into an ornament, but we have Second Christmas on Jan 23rd this year so I have plenty of time.

I think they’re gorgeous, and I plan to repeat stitch these for sure. Maybe on some 10ct aida for cushions? What do you think, Erin?

I linked to these charts earlier on this post HERE