WIP Wednesday

Oh dear, it’s Wednesday again? Where is this year going to? At least I have something to show 🙂

Si & I went on a short P&O cruise over the weekend. It was lovely being out on the water and being child-free (altho I had some baby time on Sunday morning. Yay for handing back the smelly ones) & we came back oh-so-relaxed. We didn’t do too many of the organised activities – neither of us are party animals nor are we big on alcohol so we used the time to brainstorm an upcoming house reno and to spend time together. Next cruise we think should be a destination one – thinking of around the Pacific islands, or back from Sydney.

As souvenirs I brought only a couple of Pandora charms; a crown (790930) because it was the Queen’s celebration weekend with Trooping of the Colour; and a cruise ship (791043, it’s retired now). It’s so cute, it even has a pool and umbrellas! They’re kind-of visible on my second Flosstube video (search Paula SewScrapMuse, I have some FSG’s on there too).

20160614_191813.jpgStitching-wise I made a huge ammt of progress on Mermaids of the Deep Blue. Basically everything from the halfway fold was done on the boat. I felt that I should have taken Afternoon in London (and I would have finished it too) but I wasn’t enjoying the progress, and I can’t be bothered doing something that I am not enjoying. I worked “in hand” which means my right hand is very, very sore; and I learnt also that Kreinik is best to do on the stand, but I was happy with my progress. Did not give a rats that some people my age were very craftist and looked down on me for what I was doing; frankly I was looking down on them for their behaviour towards other passengers and the ship’s crew. It was a mutual disadmiration society going on.

And last night got home to this: you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s our house on the market! I’ve deliberately taken a very crappy photo so that you can’t determine some detail. Like our street name, or my rego numbers.20160615_055826.jpg

Si is very cross – we can’t get to our spare parking area now until this is moved. I’m inclined to let it go; the auction is July 2nd and I like these neighbours. The only reason they are selling in a hurry is that his job has transferred them to Wellington and I’ll be sad to see them go. Anyone want to buy a 4bed brick & tile?


You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi – regular post based on my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

It’s school holidays (yay, said no working parent ever). I’ve taken some time off this week and next (Thursday’s wardrobe choice is your first clue) and there are a number of things I want to achieve.

So, list. I love checking things off. And most of these will take 30 min or less. That’s a lot of achievement buzz and I’ll still have a lot of playtime.


Also achieved: merit team manager. Hoping this opens more doors in 2016.

WIP Wednesday – is it really a day off?

I got asked by a couple of people what I plan to do on my day off. Apparently one in particular is under the impression that I will sit around all day. Hmm.

This is one text:
Day off today so menu planning/grocery shop. Vacuum/wash floors. Laundry. Some stitching on my latest project. Mase has a party (I find it odd that the Muslim boy’s party is at Macca’s). Potting up some herb cuttings, planting more seed. And painting mirror frames black so they match my picture frames. It would be more restful at work, except Si took Bran to the Navy league tournament today!

Apart from the party it’s a very normal Mum’s Day Off, isn’t it? Chores are a never ending circle, most of us like to do something to improve our homes, but some of us don’t attack the day with a plan. 90% of what I intend to do will take a half hour chunk and I get satisfaction from crossing stuff of the list.

I’m in between pieces so I picked up my Reindeer parade. Rudolph was stitched a while ago, and I’m now adding Blitzen. The ribbons will eventually connect them.


This is at the three hour mark. I’m planning on beading and doing the snow swirls/trees later on. And I’m not doing the “glow” part of Rudolph’s nose. I like him as is. Plenty of thread conversion too which I will post later on as I’m still working on some.

Grateful, day eleven

Good books (I’m reading a funny but trash romance series by Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick)

Good weather (we got one wall of the house painted in the same time it took for Australia to bat today, ha ha)

Free paint (that stuff ain’t cheap)

MySky (recorded the cricket and watched in fast forward)

Happy enthusiastic kids (turns out B is great with painting & loved how quick he got the result)


I’m very blessed.

Cupid Stunts – NaBloMoPo eleven

Wow. Day eleven of continuous posting. Just quietly, this scheduling stuff is working for me. Yay for planning!

Tonight is Pub Quiz night. It started a couple of months ago, when Si and a few of his fellow Dockyard apprentices got together at a pub to reminisce (we’ve reached that stage of life apparently!) and by accident came third in a quiz. Now we meet every second Tuesday, wives & hangers on included (do you know how weird it is to be at the pub watching one’s own child drink?!) and the best we’ve ever come? Third. That twenty buck voucher has our name all over it! And the title? That’s our team name. Try saying that ten times fast. Points if you know the movie reference 🙂

Also today I had a moment where I thought I might have to start a Give A Little page to pay for the rates. Our property value has gone up $170K in three years (cough, choke, this is freaking stupid money!!!). That’s probably fairly median for Auckland; it’s more than the MILs or SILs raise tho. I am not looking forward to paying the huge 2015/2016 bill and the accompanying loss of council services – as I am not naive enough to believe that increased rates mean increased services. So far we are a “super city” with increased councellor and mayoral salaries and an increase in overall staff members compared to when Auckland was five or six different regions. Come back, Bob Harvey (or even Tim Shadbolt) – anything would be better than this!

so it’s been a while

Until very recently, I’ve been using Facebook a lot. An awful lot. It keeps me in touch with 99% of my family & friends, it enables me (look, a book! must add that to my TBR pile) and makes me laugh. I can look back on photos and know what we were doing (altho I haven’t done much in the albums lately) BUT…

sometimes it isn’t as good as journaling can be. Sometimes I just need to write and write and write…

and as Dad and Mum don’t use facebook, they aren’t in the loop like they should be. HI MUM! HI DAD!

2013 was pretty good to us. Sold one house, moved to the MILs for a while, then brought our new house. Fast – listed Sat morning, we viewed Sun afternoon, we brought Sunday afternoon. We’ve brought looking at the long term – ok school zones, lots of new buildings (pushing up the price already), close to public transport, close to the MIL and our daughter. We have managed to kill one of the two plants (possibly one for each of the house’s birthdays?) but have gained back enough room for the massive trampoline down one end of the property and about the same at the front, just by filling in the drops where soil was dug out and moving the fences to the berm. I love how Si is so clever engineering wise. It will take a lot to move the new fence & retaining walls. I’m looking forward to selecting the fruit trees – proper plants, not just my roses and herbs!

2014 hasn’t been so bad either. I’m on a contract with a well established company, the creative juices are flowing, we’ve squeezed in a family holiday, spent time with friends, and the house is reflective of who we are (and yes, Bran’s room could rival a pigsty). All three boys are now playing league (Si & I are coaching Mase’s team, which apart from a few unrealistic parents is great fun) and all are doing well at kindy/school. Mase is about to start 4 days a week at kindy, in prep for school – the “lasts” are starting to catch up. Si is now road cycling to make up for the fact he can’t run (that achilles/plantar fascialitis is hell) and I enjoy walking with Zac. He’s great company. Louise has started her own baking/catering company with a girlfriend and YUM they are already getting word of mouth jobs. 

Anyway, the next posts will be more specific. And hopefully frequent.

Picture: Mase after “helping” Louise with her fabulous chocolate cake 22 April 2014 – a preview of his pirate birthday later this year?


I can’t say that I recommend this type of flooring, but it looks awesome once completed. Next time I’m going to chose something that inter-locks easy! And bonus, the mother-in-law is so happy with it. So this is my “create” for the week.