We’re heading into winter down here, and some days just need that little beat of sunshine added to them.

Then I saw something on Caroline’s blog and oooh light bulb! I’m going to play with this, but even tho Caroline doesn’t know me, this is a Mary Poppins of a play list.

Take a listen; then Shut Up & Dance With Me!

Or shuffle from side to side. That’s okay too.
Thanks Caroline. Hope you feel blessed today.

Saturday Share

Most stitchers have to have a stash rummage, count on the fingers/fabric & the dash-around-the-house look for a ruler every time they want to start a new project. I’ve found something that reduces my time here – an app that tells me just how much 32ct linen I would need to start that new design.

The app has free versions for both iPhone and Android users, and so far I’m impressed. Online, you can find it here:

Links to the app stores are below the online calculator. At this point, my only disappointment is that the app is only in inches – but my Filofax hole punch has both measurements available, so I’m all set for my next trip to Ribbon Rose!

Do you have a favourite craft app? Please share!filofax ruler FabricCalcAppPreview

Feeling – what?

Monday morning & I’m feeling a little off. Today is the day R came back to work & according to the boss, she’s a little unhappy that I am still here & have taken some of her roll. But then the work focus has changed, and it’s def more than one person can handle. A lot more. I’ve just seen her and she seems OK – so maybe I allowed myself to be caught in someone else’s drama. Bad, bad Paula. Don’t think I’ll include that little bit in my first card to my new OLW penpal – I haven’t had an old-fashioned snail mail penpal in how long? – I must stop fluffing around with blogging and working and WRITE. I’m on a deadline – it’s nearly time for my lunchtime walk with Sarah. Yay for having stamps in my folder.

Yesterday was so slow in the household & not what I expected it to be. My rhythm & routine disappeared right from that moment I slept in & I didn’t get my groove back until late afternoon. Finished another ornie (will share on Saturday) and got rid of the mending pile that B created. So domestic. Then to blow out the cobwebs I went for a drive up to the SIL’s to drop her back off at hers with the toy car’s top down & on the way back, blasting music. Sorry Swanson peeps. Hope you liked some Ministry of Sound. If not, well, at least it wasn’t One Direction, right?

Tonight I plan a binge watch of Nashville & some stitching. Or maybe a swim and an early night. I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for the school term routine to start. Only two more weeks to go! That noise you just heard? My wonderful MIL sighing in relief.


Saturday Share

Planning is very important to me. Without it, I’d have a snowballs chance of maintaining my One Little Word or even the slightest resemblance to sanity. If you want to laugh, it’s okay. My family will be too. Sanity? Ha.

Anyway, I have a work planner and a personal.  Filofax week per page, that I added some tabs to do I can find the month easily. Bit of washi, some thumbnail images and I’m good. I pick up other stuff here and there (yay Pintrest) & this site is one of my favs.

Take a peek, there might be stuff for your house too. Or Pintrest, on my Printables list. Link is up the top of my page.

Saturday Share

Tonight’s share isn’t crafty. Instead it is one of the trailers we saw tonight when we treated Z and M to Night At The Museum 3. We all laughed so it’s a must see for our family.

I love Pixar!

Inside Out Trailer 2 UK

we rewarded the boys. In two days we’ve gone thru nearly two pails of fence paint and we are about 3/4 of the total done. Awesome work by my team. No one has yet been painted either, second win!

If you’re wondering why the Screaming Teen didn’t go to the movies, he ditched us for his aunt. Wah.

Saturday Share – DIY thread keeper

This is a must-have for every stitcher – hand or machine! I keep a tidy pile that I take away every night when I cross stitch or embroider, but it’s completely another story if I take the machine out. Somehow organisation takes a back step to concentration, muttering, ironing, more muttering and (sometimes) a useable end product. I am however very good at curtains – not so good with clothes or more specifically, skirt hems. Handkerchief hems are my friend.

anyway – I saw this on Pintrest and think it’s a must-make. Like, now.


one of the better step-by-step posts is here:

Let me know how yours goes! All going well, I’ll edit a pic in later 🙂