Flosstube & Know Your Needleworker tag

I’ve made a Flosstube video! It’s very short, around 10 minutes so very easy to watch. They take a while to upload, tho! Click here & get ready to mock my accent 🙂

I’ve covered the Tag and also my current WIPs. Here’s the tag details, but I didn’t read this verbatim so there’s a little difference:

Where do you live?

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s the major city of the North Island.

What do you do for a living?

I am the Vendor Manager for a large retail network – we sell homewares in two chains and sporting goods in the other.

Do you have any other hobbies other than cross stitch?

I love reading – my gran introduced me to books at a very young age. Sometimes it’s a struggle to put the book down, but I haven’t got into the habit of being able to process an audio book & stitch at the same time. I can get away with multi-tasking with podcasts tho.

Do you have any kids?

Yes, we have four, ranging from our beautiful girl who is 21 down to the three boys, 16, 13 & lastly anyone following me on Instagram will know Mase-the-Ace, who is 6.

Do you have any pets?

Several tropical fish. My favourites are my two Port Hoplo catfish; Tubbs used to be in the tank behind me when I worked in the Animates support office, and I was luckily able to take him when he needed rehoming. There was a chiclid incident. I’m never getting those things, but Tubbs does party tricks for food and loves to rest on my hand when I’m doing the tank maintenance.

What is your favourite movie?

I still love Sixteen Candles, and Ten Things I Hate About You (I’m a sucker for clever Shakespeare adaptations). Recently I’ve gone onto meds for frequent headaches so I have been avoiding the movies.

What are your favourite tv shows?

Always NCIS (the original, not the spin offs). Banshee – I know, completely not me but I started watching as a Kiwi is the main actor & got hooked. I like BBC dramas & get very, very annoyed with sitcoms that have a laugh track – Big Bang would be the exception to that rule. Family-wise we watch quiz shows together and yell the answers at the TV.

What is your favourite music genre?

I listen to pretty much anything except hair/heavy metal & classical. My iPod in my office has all sorts of stuff from the last 20 years so when I throw it on shuffle it can surprise – or embarrass me. Note to self: take The Exponents “Erotic” off shuffle…

What is your favourite book?

I am a book slut. I’ll read just about anything and will go thru 4-6 books a week. Re-read favourites are Sandra Boynton (poetry & humour for the little ones), Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien, Elizabeth Goudge (think Little White Horse but she has far more range than just that one), CS Lewis, JK Rowling, etc etc. It’s a long list. And I would totally recommend Mary S Lovell if you’re into biographies.

What one word describes you best?

Eclectic, I guess.

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi – regular post based on my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

It’s school holidays (yay, said no working parent ever). I’ve taken some time off this week and next (Thursday’s wardrobe choice is your first clue) and there are a number of things I want to achieve.

So, list. I love checking things off. And most of these will take 30 min or less. That’s a lot of achievement buzz and I’ll still have a lot of playtime.


Also achieved: merit team manager. Hoping this opens more doors in 2016.

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi – regular post based on my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.


Serenity can come during family time! I bribed the boys; of you go to bed early, I’ll get you up to watch the All Blacks. Check out that bed head!

AB’s won thankfully (it was close, far closer than what I thought but hey! Japan recorded an amazing win against South Africa) and then I busted my ass to get to work at the usual time. Pulled over to take this tho:


Love those pure colours. That’s Auckland CBD, looking West from Metcalfe Hill.

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is linked to my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.


I’m not sure how much I’ll pick up out of this book but I’ve got one thing already. 15 minutes work can eliminate a lot of stress.

Sunday morning I grabbed a Project Life card that I’m not likely to use in my album and plotted out what I’ll wear this working week. I added in that Monday is a board meeting (I have to be a grown up, & hence the necklace reminder) and Wednesday is rep training (extra layer) and Friday is casual so I get to wear my Chucks.

You might notice that I write down leggings. Here’s a confession for you; I cannot keep a pair of stockings or hose unladdered for more than five minutes. I’m hopeless there.

This card is up inside my vanity door for a daily reminder. I’m feeling less pressure already!

What’s your top tip for getting ready for the working week?