Nora Corbett (Mirabilia) Arezzo. Colour conversion. Over one on 25ct lugana.


Teresa Wentzler Tapestry Cat. Languishing for far too long! Stitched as charted.


Mirabilia’s Persephone – started May 2015 (this is at Jan 29th, 2016) with the colour conversion nutted out and the first page completed, sans dress beads.



Mirabilia Rose of Provence – as at 31 Dec 2015. I’m going to start this one again on a different fabric.


Mermaids of the Deep Blue. as at Jan 28th 2016. Rotation goal completed.


Raven Queen – my #newyearnewmira start for January 2016. Go ahead and admire my parking attempt – I am!


2 thoughts on “W.I.P.s

  1. Hello and nice to meet you. I’m Fiore from Italia.
    I was looking for the right fabric for my Stargazer project and found yours. I fell in love with the linen you used. Please, could you tell me who produces it? Thank you so much

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